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After marrying my adorable husband over 13 years ago, I moved into a house he already lived in. Because I didn’t like the small, outdated refrigerator my spouse owned, I convinced him to buy a new one. After shopping at a few retailers, we purchased a gorgeous stainless steel refrigerator. Unfortunately, our refrigerator’s freezer started producing excessive amounts of ice not long after we bought our appliance. We immediately called a service technician to check out our problem. After only a few minutes of investigating the issue, this skilled technician identified our problem and quickly fixed it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of contacting a service technician immediately after noticing a malfunction with one of your appliances.


Gas Stove Burner Problems: Things To Know About The Igniter

11 December 2015
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Are you frustrated with not being able to used one of the burners on your gas stove because there are no flames? The root of the problem may be that there is something wrong with the igniter, but an appliance repair contractor should be able to repair or replace it for you. Find out below why a bad igniter can lead to a gas stove burner not working as it should, as well as what a contractor might charge to make a repair. Read More …

What To Do While Waiting For A Furnace Repair

26 March 2015
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Furnace troubles during the heart of winter can leave you shivering. It can be even worse when the furnace dies on a weekend or in the evening, and you don't want to pay for after-hours service. In most conditions, you can keep your family warm enough and prevent damage to your home while you wait for your repair technician to arrive the next day. Tip #1: Protect Your Pipes Whether you opt to stay in the house or leave, you still need to watch over your pipes. Read More …

How To Troubleshoot A Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

11 March 2015
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A malfunctioning garbage disposal can be frustrating, inconvenient and unhygienic. Unfortunately, it happens quite often. Most garbage disposals are used to dispose of items that they really shouldn't be and consequently they can break down. Before you call the plumber, you might want to try some troubleshooting yourself.  Always Obey the Safety Rules When dealing with a garbage disposal, there's one thing you always need to remember: never place your hand or any other item down the disposal. Read More …

Top Reasons To Repair Your Appliances Instead Of Replacing Them

3 March 2015
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Are your appliances starting to look dull and worn out? Are you thinking about purchasing new appliances for your home, to replace your old ones? Here are some reasons why you should consider calling an appliance repair service, instead of buying new appliances: Scuffed or marred paint: If the surface of your appliance is scratched or damaged, a professional paint job by a repair service person can make it look as good as new. Read More …