Top Reasons To Repair Your Appliances Instead Of Replacing Them

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Top Reasons To Repair Your Appliances Instead Of Replacing Them

3 March 2015
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Are your appliances starting to look dull and worn out? Are you thinking about purchasing new appliances for your home, to replace your old ones? Here are some reasons why you should consider calling an appliance repair service, instead of buying new appliances:

Scuffed or marred paint: If the surface of your appliance is scratched or damaged, a professional paint job by a repair service person can make it look as good as new. Basic colors such as almond, black, or white will allow your appliance to retain a classic look. Consider going with custom colors to give your appliance a unique appearance. A stove painted seafoam green or seashell pink will give your kitchen a mid-century modern vibe. A dishwasher painted purple can add an unexpected touch of whimsy. You might even want to ask the repair service person to use stencils so that your refrigerator is decorated with white stars on a royal blue background. Or have them paint green polka dots on a sunny yellow washing machine so that your wash days always feel bright and cheery. 

Moving to a new home: Your appliance repair service person should be on hand to make sure your appliances are disconnected properly from power sources. They'll make sure that all water sources are turned off so that you don't leave behind an open water main for the next person to contend with. They can make sure that all removable components are safely secured so they don't cause any damage during travel. They can also properly fasten any doors shut so they don't swing open unexpectedly. You may want to have your appliances be the first thing unpacked at your new place, so that your refrigerator can cool down water and ice for your thirsty movers.  

Antique appliance restoration: If you inherited an old-fashioned icebox from your grandparents, or found an antique stove at a thrift store, they're going to require some modifications before you can use them. An appliance repair service person can remove all parts so the appliance is stripped down to the frame. They'll examine each part to see if they're usable, or need to be replaced. They clean off the years of built-on grime so that the original finish shows through. Before bringing it back to your home to install, they run a series of safety checks to ensure your appliance is ready for every day use.