Gas Stove Burner Problems: Things To Know About The Igniter

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Gas Stove Burner Problems: Things To Know About The Igniter

11 December 2015
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Are you frustrated with not being able to used one of the burners on your gas stove because there are no flames? The root of the problem may be that there is something wrong with the igniter, but an appliance repair contractor should be able to repair or replace it for you. Find out below why a bad igniter can lead to a gas stove burner not working as it should, as well as what a contractor might charge to make a repair.

Why Does a Bad Igniter Lead to Gas Stove Burners Not Working?

The burners on a gas stove cannot function if the igniter is not doing its job. Basically, your stove uses the igniter to ignite flames when you turn the valves on. It is actually highly dangerous to use gas burners when there are problems with flames igniting as they should, even if you are able to get a little fire. You can end up with a lot of gas circulating in your house if the burners are not fully functional.

One of the things that can go wrong with a gas stove igniter is it somehow gets removed out of place. It is actually not a huge problem when an igniter is misplaced, as all that is needed is for it to be put back and pushed in the socket it was in. Rust is another thing that can cause an igniter to malfunction. If rust is the problem, it is in your best interest to hire an appliance specialist to replace the igniter with a new one. He or she may have to replace the socket that keeps the igniter in place as well, as the prongs on the socket may be broken and not stable enough to keep the igniter in place.

What is the Estimated Price Charged by an Appliance Contractor?

A stove repair that requires at least an hour of labor can cost a minimum of $60 per hour for a professional to do it for you, depending on the type of range that you have. You should expect to pay $85 per hour on the highest end of the scale. However, the overall price depends on what is needed to make the burner on your gas stove functional and the complexity of the job. Talk to an appliance contractor so you can start using all of the burners on your gas stove! For more information, go to site.