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After marrying my adorable husband over 13 years ago, I moved into a house he already lived in. Because I didn’t like the small, outdated refrigerator my spouse owned, I convinced him to buy a new one. After shopping at a few retailers, we purchased a gorgeous stainless steel refrigerator. Unfortunately, our refrigerator’s freezer started producing excessive amounts of ice not long after we bought our appliance. We immediately called a service technician to check out our problem. After only a few minutes of investigating the issue, this skilled technician identified our problem and quickly fixed it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of contacting a service technician immediately after noticing a malfunction with one of your appliances.


2 Frequent Culprits Behind a Noisy Washing Machine

3 November 2016
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Unusual noises are often a sign that a washing machine has developed a problem that needs immediate attention. Unfortunately, most homeowners simply don't know what sort of attention that might be. If you would like to learn more about diagnosing a noisy washer, read on. This article will discuss two frequent culprits and what to do about them. Broken Damper Strap This problem applies specifically to top-load washers. In order to help stabilize the washing drum, which rotates at high speeds during the spin cycle, these washing machines are equipped with four damper straps. Read More …

How To Repair Simple Refrigerator Problems

26 September 2016
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Your refrigerator keeps your food and drinks cold, as well as your frozen items. There's nothing worse than going to your refrigerator and finding that your frozen items have all thawed. That can mean a lot of wasted food and money. Not to mention the costs related to the repairs or replacement of your refrigerator. All of that money can add up and cause a good sized deficit in your bank account. Read More …