Three Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair

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Three Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair

16 April 2019
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Your washing machine is one of the central appliances of your home, and when it is working properly, it is likely not something you give much thought to. However, like all appliances, your washing machine can suffer from wear and tear over time that negatively affect how well it is able to clean your clothes. Being aware of a few of the more common signs that your washing machine is no longer functioning as effectively as it is intended to can help you identify when you should talk to an appliance repair specialist to see if you should either repair or replace your current unit.


One of the most noticeable indications that there is something wrong with your washing machine is if you find signs of leaking or water damage around your washing machine. This can happen for a wide range of issues, not all of which are related to your washing machine specifically. A clogged sewer main or other plumbing issues can cause water to back up into your washing machine and eventually leak onto the floor, but if this is the case you are likely also experiencing issues elsewhere in your home. More often than not, your washing machine's seal has worn out with age and wear, or the door's locking mechanism has broken—both of which are relatively simple fixes.

Irregular Noises During Cycles

Another symptom of washing machine issues that is relatively simple to spot is the presence of irregular noises coming from the appliance while it is running. Thumping, grinding, and squealing all point to some sort of issue with the motor or the drum. A burned out or damaged motor is an expensive fix, which makes complete replacement more affordable in some cases. Thumping or squealing can point to issues with the drum's balance and the belts that work to turn it, which are simpler to fix but will require professional attention to address.

Water Issues

Finally, the last thing that you should be conscious of when you think that there is something wrong with your washing machine is the filling and draining of water in the drum itself. A properly functioning washing machine will be able to fill all the way up, and all wastewater should be drained away by the end of the cycle. If one or both of these things do not happen, there is likely an issue with the water hookup or the hoses of your washing machine, which will either need to be cleaned out or completely replaced.

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