3 Maintenance Tips For Your Refrigerator

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3 Maintenance Tips For Your Refrigerator

14 November 2016
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Your refrigerator is probably one of your most used appliances, even if you don't directly think about it that often. But if your fridge were to suddenly malfunction or break in some way, it would likely ruin your day if not your entire week, not to mention the ruined food. If you want to ensure your fridge helps you keep things cool for a long time to come, here are a few regular maintenance tips you should work in with your other tasks around the house.

Wipe the Coils Down

Your fridge's coils do the heavy lifting when it comes to reducing the temperature in the fridge and keeping things that way. These coils can pick up dirt and dust over time and eventually, will stop working as efficiently as they should. At least twice a year, unplug the machine, pull the fridge out away from the wall, and completely wipe down each coil. (Some coils may be behind a grille on the bottom.) 

Pay Attention to the Door Seals

A loose seal is a one-way street for the cool air inside your fridge to escape from captivity. You should of course try to avoid opening and closing the fridge except when necessary, but over time, it's possible that an air leak could develop no matter what you do. Every bit of air that leaves the inside of the fridge thanks to the leak is just making your fridge work overtime to try and keep things chilled. When it's time to clean the coils, also take a moment to inspect the seals. Food residue should be wiped down so that each seal can do its job with nothing getting in the way.

Keep the Fridge Filled, Even If You're Not a Big Eater

In order for a fridge to stay at a cool temperature, it ideally needs to get some help from the items inside. When there is a lot of food inside the fridge, these items can help absorb the warm air that enters when you open the door to check the expiration date on the milk. If you're not a big foodie, you can still buy a few gallons of water or put a few 12 packs of your favorite soda to take up some room inside the fridge.

Your fridge needs regular maintenance to perform well, just like any other appliance in your home. Get into the habit of checking the seals and coils at least twice a year, and remember to keep your fridge full with items as this helps keep warm air at bay. If you discover a major problem that needs fixing, contact a professional refrigerator service today.